Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear You,

I know this is uncalled for, when I feel that you are trying to move on, and in the process trying not to hear from or be with me except when it is really necessary.  I would just like to tell you that after all that we’ve been through, I’ve come to realize a lot of things – important, relevant ones.  And all I can really say is thank you. 

Thank you for making me feel how it is to be genuinely cared for.  Your little acts of service, your thoughtful visits, your time spent with me especially during my really sad moments will always remain somewhere in a special little place in my heart. Thank you for impressing in me the importance of being honest and truthful.  Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable by allowing me to be in your life when I know it was so logical to leave me out for your own protection, only to give this friendship a shot.  Thank you for letting me a little into your world.  Now I see you differently, in a much colorful light. 

I am happy that you are moving on.   You have a beautiful soul and I meant it when I said I hope you find somebody worthy.  You deserve someone who would be able to love you back as much as you would her. 

Please don’t forget me, or remember me in a way that would spark pain or regret because I still believe that this was something beautiful, no matter how painful it got at some point.  



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